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Informive Pty Ltd was formed in 2019 and is the third consulting venture between Daniel Brewer and Peter Day.  Informive was created from the work that Daniel and Peter had done in the Defence and Government sector building cyber resilience through major IT platforms and operating models.  One major accomplishment from this work was rebuilding the Cyber framework for the ATO and it was from this experience that the realisation of cyber awareness in the business community became apparent. The extent of this however was exposed when considering the economic impact that could reveberate through the SME sector if they remained unprotected, uneducated and supply chains were attacked. The view from the tax office into this potential was unique because it consolidated a view of economic revenue, viability and where the path would take business if this was not addressed.

 Informive’s speciality and focus is to provide strategic and operational insights, addressing the gap between technology and law through compliance to build resilience in order to strengthen a business’s ability to absorb and mitigate cyber risk.  The “Cyber Opportunity” framework is the result of an industry conversation that has taken part during 2020 through a series of webinars and involving multiple stakeholders including cyber authorities (government), business owners and a national business advisory group.  Informive own the IP for this framework and it will continue to undergo development in 2021 in two streams, the first is the continuation of specialised webinars focusing on cyber opportunity in industry verticals, food security and supply chain is the next chapter.